Interface Management Tools

Interface management tools help you manage the display of alarms in the Alarm List and call records in the Voice Quality of Service (QoS) dashboard.

This topic describes how to create and manage the following filters:

Table Filters

The table filter gives you the flexibility to set up and save filtering schemes ranging from the simple to the complex, to set inclusive or exclusive parameters, and build filter sets with multiple filtering layers.

Table filter

Within the table filter feature these options are available:

Building a Filter back

The table filter is located in the upper right corner of a window when a table is displayed. It is always collapsed until you begin building a filter or recalling a saved filter.

  1. Open the filter feature by clicking the Down arrow adjacent to the text 'Filter.'
  2. Add the filter parameters: select a column, select a comparator, enter a value against which the comparator will operate.
  3. After entering a value the filter is automatically invoked; the color of the Filter button changes to orange.

Adding Filter Layers back

Filter layers add both complexity and precision.

  1. Build a filter; click Add Filter and select parameters for this new layer.
  2. To add more layers, repeat step 1.
  3. The filter set is automatically invoked, the color of the Filter button changes to orange and the number of layers is displayed as a counter in the button.
  4. Save the filter (optional).

Building and Saving a Filter back

  1. Build a filter and click Save Filter Set As...
  2. Enter a name and click OK.

Recalling a Filter back

Open the Filter feature and select the saved filter from the drop down list.

Deleting a Filter back

Open the Filter feature, select the saved filter and click Delete. Confirm your action.

Split-Column Options back

All data presented in tabular form have a common split-column menu of options. The same menu is activated from any of the column headers in the table. By positioning your cursor over the right side of a column header you will reveal an arrow, which you select to see the split-column options. The arrow is hidden until your cursor is properly positioned.

Column filter

Available split column options include:

Split-Column Options - All Tables back

These options will appear for all tables:

Additional Split-Column Options - Select Tables back

These options will appear for a select group of tables: